Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not On Salt Water

I'm a coastal resident, but in all seasons I think of the mountains.

In the song, "Reno,"  Nic Cowan asks, "What drives you to create?" The song tells us, "I never had a choice to make. It chose me long before I wrote..." One man returns to create paintings in the place where he was born. I understand that.

The mountains wear a comforter of snow right now, but soon enough buds will peer out from the trees in preparation for spring. I found this photo from last April taken at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC.  It's a place where artists of all persuasions go to hone their crafts.
View from Wildacres Retreat, c. 2013 Susan E. Hance

It was a magical experience, driving higher and higher into the mountains on zigzagging roads ("sigogglin" in mountain talk) that almost let you look at the back of the car coming around.
Then suspending all reality to do nothing but write and commune with nature and other artists was a soul-nourishing experience. I hope I get that chance again.
Of course by summer, the mountain trees and flowers will flourish, just waiting to blaze into autumn.
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the sound of seagulls, warm sun on my face and sand in my shoes.
The Grounds at Wildacres, April 2013

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